Yearly heating cost of only 1.300 DKK and a perfect indoor climate

It took a year to convinse the credit union, that they should allow a loan to a passive house A passive house, which has an extreme low energy footprint, sounds like a good idea. But it too an year for Bo and Berith Fyhring together with their bank to get a mortgage. When they succeeded, they built the first passive house in Thy in cooperation with a local carpenter.

  • We didnt anticipate, that our building project should be delayed an entire  year, because we could not get a mortgage, says Bo Fyhring.

But there are apparantly several horror stories about this kind of houses, and the large challenge for the couple was that the credit union didnt know what a passive house is..

  • We explained it to them, with the help of our bank, and then we could get started, says Bo Fyhring, who wonders that the credit union apparantly would rather create mortgages for old houses rather than new houses.
Bo og Berith i stuen

Berith and Bo in their living room with the many large windows facing South. They are enjoying the sun and the good indoor climate, where the air the whole time is changed and there are no problems with moisture. Today the familiy have less sick days.

The couple lived in an older house and Berith Fyhring was bothered by dust allergy, when they decided to realize the dream of building their own house with a good indoor climate. At the same time it was natural for them to go for a house with a low energy consumption, and they decided to build a passive house, even though the price for a passive house is 10-15% higher than traditional construction.

  • It is more expensive to build, but in addition our annual energy expenses is at a minimum, says Bo Fyhring.

This is the way a passive house is A passive house is characterized by having two main goals: to maintain a good indoor climate and to have a good total economy through a low energy consumption. The house is build so it minimizes the heat loss. A passive house is primarily heated by the sun, all around the year and secondary internal heat sources are used. This coupled with ventilation that re-uses up to 80% of the heat, which is used to maintain a good indoor climate. In passive housing all the large windows in the house point South and in the house in Lodbjern there is 600 mm insulation in the ceiling and 450 mm in walls and floor.

  • You could say that we are living in a plastic bubble, but the air is constantly circulated and we have no moisture problems and no draft and cold in the house, explains Bo Fyhring.

The couple hav, for comfort reasons, chosen to have a computer controlled woodburning fireplace.

  • Normally we have around 20 degreen within the house, but with the fireplace we can get to 23-24 degrees, and it is nice in a while. You done even need the fireplace, that is just a luxury to us, says Bo Fyhring.

Experience with passive house construction

  • We chose to cooperate with Hassing Huset, who have experience in building passive houses in Denmark. And we have at no point regrettet this cooperation, they have all the technical knowledge, and that has really benefittet us, says Berith Fyhring.
Passivhus indenfor

Berith Fyhring has drawn the floor plan for the house herself, and thought of the funny details. Next step is to make sills of the dead elm trees in the garden.

She had in the course of some years, drawn the floor plan for the fream house, and those drawings was what the local carpenter took to continue working on. They gave it another roof pitch and calculated the sunshade, which is necessary to avoid overheating in the summer. Chose certification The entire house was build in the carpenters shop, a total of 55 modules, and was reassembled in two days.

  • There was incredible many things to learn, so we kept our faith in “Hassing Huset”. During the course of the process, we chose to be certified. Then we knew, that it was completely perfect, and that is also a guarantee for us, if we one day would wnat to sell the house, explains Bo Fyhring and shows the certificate.

Less sick days Today Beriths dust allergy has been reduced, and they enjoy the sunlight, that they get into the house.

  • The great advantages is that we have completely control over the economy going forward, we are not affected by high oil prices. We also expect, that it will be easy to sell the house – and then we have a great indoor climate. Actually we have less sick days today, says Berith Fyhring.

The largest drawback, is that there are no cool room for food.

  • And then the house is incredible sound proof, we cant hear when visitors are driving to our house, says Berith laughing.
  • No, or the birds flying overhead on their way to Agger Tange. That is a bit unfortunate, Bo smiles and then enjoys the large windows, where he however, still can see the birds out there where the sky is high.

Thys first passive house in Lodbjerg is a total of 220 m2, of these are 185 m2 indoor. Price: 2,8 mill. Yearly heating expenses: 1300 DKK + 3 cubic meter of tree. German passive house certification with higher requirements than the danish 

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