Thisted opens the Doors to Energy Tourists

All around Thy 40 energy sights are ready to welcome businessmen, scientists, students and groups to experience how Thisted Municipality in Denmark has become self-sufficient in energy.
In a short while business guests and others will be able to make an energy tour of the Municipality of Thisted. Here they will be presented with all the different facilities that ensure the high level of energy self-sufficiency in Thisted Municipality.

Focus on business development

– It’s very important that the visits are going to be beneficial to businesses both locally and internationally says Ole Riis, manager of Thy Tourist Association.
He predicts that the energy tours will benefit everyone involved in tourism in Thy. But due to the very specific and specialized content of the tours, specialists with a variety of skills will be enlisted to cater for the guests.

– One of the purposes of this project is to offer the guests the possibility to draw on local qualifications. Thy Tourist Association plan on conducting a user survey in order to ensure business guests maximum quality while visiting Thy, Ole Riis reports.

Thorough Report

In collaboration with consulting engineer Leif Amby, Thy Tourist Association has written a through report on all the energy sights in Thy containing information about where they are located, what type of technology they present and if they are suitable to receive visitors.
– We haven’t patented any of this Ole Riis explains and says the report is to be used as an inspiration for everyone who might be interested. The report lists about 40 sights that can accommodate groups of visitors. In order to reduce the workload involved at the individual sights, visitors must be organized in groups.

The Start Signal has Sounded

Ole Riis and Leif Amby are working on finishing the material to be distributed to selected high schools. The material is the prototype for the marketing strategy Thy Tourist Association is planning on applying to the project. Focus is on the direct contact with the end user which is why the material is targeted the physics teachers at each school. In the experience of Ole Riis the success rate is much higher if the marketing campaign is directly targeted the end user.

Keeping up the Good Work

The efforts of Thisted Municipality leading up to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009 were tremendous tells Ole Riis who is project manager of the energy tours.
– Conferences were made alongside strong local initiatives and together with Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy the municipality was strongly represented at the actual summit. As a direct result many international guests visited Thy during the summit to experience the unique way in which energy is produced and distributed here in Thy, Ole Riis tells.

The Future of Energy in Thisted

In the Municipality of Thisted energy supply is available locally and varied. This enables a high degree of self-sufficiency from renewable energy sources. With this new project Thy Tourist Association wishes to tell students, businessmen, scientists and other groups about the energy tours. The reorganization of the centralized fossil based energy production to decentralized renewable energy has been named the Third Industrial Revolution. The revolution is well under way in Thisted.

Power to the People

The high coverage with renewable energy that exists in Thisted Municipality is unprecedented in Denmark. The good results are largely due to Nordic Folkecenter For Renewable Energy which was established more than 25 years ago and from where a locally grounded desire to produce environmentally friendly and cheap energy has poured. Internationally renowned economist Jeremy Rifkin calls this phenomenon the Third Industrial Revolution: That the energy is decentralized and figuratively speaking collected from people’s own backyards. Citizens in Thisted get their electricity and heating from the many wind turbines in the area, from woodchips from the forests, from waste disposal of households and from biogas from the many farms. All in all a municipality with a high degree of self-sufficiency in green energy. This has been achieved without compromising household comforts or the competitiveness of local businesses. Now guests from all over the world are invited to come see for themselves.


When the wind reaches more than 7 metres per second Thisted Municipality is self-sufficient with energy.
More than 85% of the collective heat supply comes from renewable energy.

Among the visit points are:

[list style=”style4″]

  • DanWEC – Wave energy in Hanstholm
  • Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy – household wind turbines, solar cells and green energy through the past 25 years
  • Thisted Varmeforsyning – geothermic plant and district cooling.
  • And much more


For more information contact Visit Thy

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