Great success with energy screenings of local companies in Thisted Kommune

In cooperation with independent energy advisers Thisted Kommune now offers energy screenings to local companies. The goal is to create 25 screenings every year from 2015 to 2018, and this year the goal has been achieved.

The initiative is a part of Thisted Kommunes Energy- and resource policy, and in 2016 a new round of screenings will be opened. At IdealCombi A/S in Hurup Thy they have accepted the offer of an energy screening of their production facilities, which has an area of 100.000 m2.

SRT Energirådgivning found energy savings for 850 MW, which equals 40 houses yearly energy consumption. IdealCombis products are amongst the absolute most energi efficient in the market, and that is why they want to take lead and reduce their own energy consumption in the production, says the Director Mikael Søgaard from IdealCombi and continues: – Our environment politics are constantly being revised and optimized, this ensure that we continually are creating a reduced energy consumption and a reduced load on the environment. Having an energy efficient production also sends a green signal to our customers and makes certain that our production is competitive and creates Danish jobs.

Qualified and independant energy advice

We know, that there are many companies, that can benefit from an energy screening an achieve a better financial situation, says the owner of SRT Energirådgivning Simon Rude Thøgersen and continues: – And by using an independent energy adviser, the companies achieves the highest subsidy, since the energy adviser decides which energi company the savings should be sold to.
The purpose is not to sell particular products or solutions, but to solely advise which savings they can achieve by following the directions. It is entirely up to the company as to which degree they want to implement the recommendations, depending on which is a better fit into the company strategy, says business consultant in Thisted Kommune Peter Brandt Larsen and continues: – By going through with the energy renovations the companies achieves a reduction of their energy expenses, which in turn gives a better bottom line and a competitive advantage. Further more the green investments create jobs for local contractors, Peter Brandt Larsen finishes. After the financial crisis focus has been shifted to focus on expenses, and many companies have discovered that there are much to save through energy optimising.

The banks also looks positively on potential loans for energy improvements in the company, especially when the profitability is well documentet in an energy report.