Solar heating saves a lot of money and several tonnes of CO2

Hanstholm Camping is each year saving several hundred thousand DKK on their heating by using solar heating. The Swimming pool in Hanstholm Camping is filled with happy children and adults during the summer. There is a certain reason for this, the water is always 32-33 degrees – and thus always warmer than the air. That is possible, because the camping facility heats the water using the sun..

Ejeren af Hanstholm Camping, Bent Thodsen, er en rigtig handymand og han har selv installeret solvarmeanlæggene, som hvert år giver besparelser i hundredtusindkroners klassen.

The owner of Hanstholm Camping, Bent Thodsen, is a handyman and he has installed the solar heating himself, this reduces the cost each year by hundred of thousand of DKK.

Bent Thodsen, owner at Hanstholm Camping, is proudly presenting the solar heating facility. It is from 2008, and is currently the largest of its kind in Denmark. It heats the swimming pools and the camping facility, which is located on the shores of Vigsø Bay.

  • Each year we are saving 250.000 DKK on our heating bill with the solar heating, we could not have this warm water in the swimming pools, if we should heat it using oil, that would have been too expensive, he explains.

It is not just felt on the wallet, the environment is saved for approximately 85 tonnes of CO2 each year.   Sun heating in the cottages

Som den eneste campingplads i Danmark opvarmes seks hytter på pladsen med solvarme.

As the only campsite in Denmark, siz cottages are heated using solar heating.

As the only campsite in Denmark, there is solar heading in the cottages. In 2009 a part of the cottages was fittet with solar heating.

  • There is a 500 liter water tank in each cottage, which is responsible for heating during the season. And that saves the environment for approximately 3 tonnes CO2 per year, Bent Thodsen explains.

Also the water is heated using solar panels and on two service buildings there is a plant, that heats both the water and the floor heating in the houses. There is even established central heating to both the campsite main building as well as to five cottages, which get all their hot water from the solar heating plant. Bent Thodsen has a hart time understanding why not more campsites are doing the same as him.

  • Many things that the sun has to shine before it works with solar heating. But that is not true, he says and shows one of the pipes.
  • The sun is composed of both visible and invisible rays, these pipes are using the infrared, short waged rays, which is also present when its cloudy, he explains..

Even on cloudy days there is hot water in the faucets.   Practical But a part of the secret is also, that Bent Thodsen himselv is a craftsman and he himself can fit the solar heating. That means that he fairly cheep can fit new solar heating. The expenses for materials are large, but Bent Thodsen regards that as a one time investment..

  • When the solar plant has been bought, we have free heating, he says.

Being a shipsmaster and a master engineer he has an interest in the technicals. Since 2003, where he took over the campsite, systematically built on the facilities that was already there, and today there is also the solar heating plant on the two service buildings and the siz cottages – and more are coming..

  • When you first have started doing this, it makes sense, economically. So we are continuing with this in the future also. I dont think that we get more visitors from this, but it means that we are reducing our costs, we then have the possibility to do other things, says Bent Thodsen.

The next project, that Bent Thodsen is working on, is a new energy friendly way of heating the cottages, and that will be the first time someone uses this technology. It is expected to reduce the heating expenses by 60-70%.   Green mindset The green mindset has also resultet in, that the campsite buys their power 100% from danish wind mills, through the electrical company “Vindstød” .

  • We are working towards that our campsite will be so different in the energy area, that it will be an exiting place to visit for educational instutions, universities etc. as a study project, either in a course or as a case for the students. We have all the experiences and are not selling any plants, so we can advice then, on how to avoid the pitfalls or expensive solutions, says Bent Thodsen..

Solar heating on Hanstholm Camping total:

  • Total area on 7 forskellige facilities: approximately 660 square meters
  • Produces approximately 335.000 KWh yearly, that is the equivalent of 45 tonnes of oil.
  • The environment is saved for approximately 145 tonnes CO2 yearly.
  • This is the equivalent of what 4.400 large forest trees will consume of CO2 each year, these trees will fill an forest area of 450.000 sqare meter .
  • Even with the low oil prices, then there is produced what is equivalent to approximately 400.000 DKK worth of energy, if one has to buy the same amount using oil..