Waste project in Thisted Kommune is to prepare local companies for future requirements

The amount of waste that is being recycled must go up. That is the future requirements for waste sorting for small amd mid-sized businesses in Denmark, and the goal for Thisted Kommunes waste project.

As a part of Thisted Kommunes Energy and Resourcepolicy, the municipality has initiated an experimental project in Hanstholm, for the furation november 2015 to may 2016. The purpose is to increase the amount of sorted waste from small ame mid-sized businesses. The starting point for the project is the fact, that these businesses today have a hard time sorting their waste. At the same time these companies has a desire to become better at sorting waste.


14 companies was asked if they wanted to participate, and 11 companies said yes. For the remaining tree companies,  it either was not relevant or else they was already sorting their waste.


At the end of the project the practical experiences will be summarized and the participating companies will have a comprehensive briefing.


Waste is a resource

In Thisted Kommune they are used to see waste as a resource, when waste since 1978 has been the corner stone in Thisted city central heating. In the future there will be an increased focus on  recycling waste as the environmental requirements increase. The increased focus on recycling meant in 2014, that Denmark imported 250.000 tonnes of waste.* The former government has a goal that 70% of all paper and pastic waste should be recycled.**


In the experimental period there will be placed two recycling containers at each business. One container for plastic and one container for paper. The expectation is, that waste containers will reduce the amount of waste for incineration by 30%. Experiences from a similar project in Morsø Kommune is backing this expectation. The amount of waste is very industry-specific. and the companies that is participating in this project if ranging from carpenters and masonry to consultants and fishermen.


Preparation for the future

The goal is to create a model, that can be used for small and mid-sized businesses within Thisted Kommune, at the same time the companies are prepared to the increased requirements for handling waste.


It has not been difficult to get participants for the project, since the companies are very conscious about the fact that increased requirements are commine. At the same time it is significant, how much the consideration for the environment is motivating the involved companies. As long as the waste handling project was created so it does not affect the companys competitiveness, the businesses are ready to participate.

*Source: DR: http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/penge/250000-ton-importeret-affald-giver-varme-og-lys

** Source: Danmark uden affald, Regeringen 2013. http://mst.dk/media/mst/Attachments/Ressourcestrategi_DK_web.pdf