Saving Money on Heating in Agger

In December 2010 the Kristensen family in Agger discarded a brand new oil burner in favor of the more environmentally friendly district heating.
Some might perceive the village of Agger as a place far away from everything but that is not how the Kristensen family sees it. -We live very much in the middle of things, Charlotte Kristensen explains. Of course we need to get in the car if we want to go to the theatre, but the things we use on a daily basis are just outside the door: The wood, the sea and Limfjorden is right here and the children can play outside if they want.

Charlotte and Rene Kristensen live with their three children in a residential neighbourhood in Agger. Even though it is not immediately showing this family is now enjoying the benefits of a strong local commitment to ensure deliverance of district heating to Agger from the village of Vestervig 5 kilometers away.

The Wood Burning Stove is just for Being Cozy

In fact it wasn’t all that expensive to have district heating installed, Rene explains. It actually paid off to discard of the just two year old oil burner and install district heating instead. But the stove that was originally bought to reduce the use of oil is going to stay in the house. – It’s cozy and I enjoy lighting a proper fire in the stove after a long day in the fish vending car we have owned for the past ten years, Rene says. He also says that had the family known they were going to have district heating they probably wouldn’t have invested in a wood burning stove.

Pipelines by Local Businesses

Getting district heating from the district heating power station in Vestervig by way of Krik to Agger is a local project. Most of the work has been done by local businesses Thy Varmeteknik and Vestkystens VVS. Both businesses are members of Passivhus Nordvest, which is a local business association for energy saving construction. The membership tells of the commitment of the businesses to ensuring efficient use of energy. Between them the two companies have laid out ten kilometers of district heating pipelines and owner Torben Flye Jensen, Vestkystens VVS, estimates the value of the project at about 12 million Danish kroner for the part of the project in which they are involved.

United Efforts

The owner of Thy Varmeteknik, Kjeld Yde Madsen, explains that he has joined forces with Vestkystens VVS in order to be able to bid on larger contracts. With a company like his own and Vestkystens VVS, with about 20 employees and ensuing expenses it’s difficult for him to bid on the smaller municipal contracts. For those contracts smaller businesses are better suited.
Now Thy Varmeteknik and Vestkystens VVS are able to bid on larger jobs and thereby keep employees that would otherwise have been let go due to the recession. In this way the project of bringing district heating to Agger has helped preserve local jobs.

New Projects for Thy Varmeteknik and Vestkystens VVS

Kjeld and Torben have already signed a new contract for work on the extension of the local hospital in Thisted. They are both very pleased that the Regional Counsil of Northern Jutland has organized the contracts in a manner that enables smaller local businesses to bid on sub contracts hereby ensuring local jobs.


District heating in Agger
District heating to Agger is delivered by Vestervig Heating Power Station.
Approximately 180 new units have been attached in Krik and Agger.
Due to the expansion Vestervig Heating Power Station invested in a new 4MW woodchip kettle. Woodchips from the State woods in Thy are used to stoke the kettle.

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