Rent a Green Car today

Enjoy the countryside while driving….

If you really want to enjoy the countryside, you should be able to listen to its sounds. It is just what you will be able to do if you hire a smart electric car from Visit Thy.

You will hear the rustling of the wind in the trees, the song of the larks over the open fields and the whiz of the wind turbines while driving by, with windows down, in the completely noiseless Peugeot iOn.
Lej en elbil By hirering an electric car in Thisted, you will have the opportunity of trying out one of the future modes of transport.

From wind turbines to electric cars

With the high level of wind power production in Thisted Kommune, it was obvious to include electric cars in The Green Thread project.

An extensive network of charging stations (camping sites, restaurants, hotels and shops) has been established. So, why not enjoy a good lunch with locally produced delicacies while waiting for your hired electric car to be recharged?

iOn – A small modern car

The iOn meets every demand of comfort you would normally expect from a modern small car: automatic operation of windows and mirrors, air condition, isofix fitting for baby seat, ABS brakes, stability control – and a lot more. This makes the iOn a perfect sample of the electrically powered vehicles of our generation.

Try the electric car

Dependent on how you drive, you can make about 100 km with the iOn before recharging. Give it a try, and let it be one of all the other activities offered by Thisted Kommune in the frame of The Green Thread project.

The electric car is an interesting alternative to fuel driven cars, and we are happy to be able to offer you the opportunity of trying out one of the future modes of transport already today.

Renting administered by:
Thy Turistbureau
Store Torv 6, 7700 Thisted
Phone: +45 97 92 19 00

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  • Car: Peugeot iOn
  • Range: About 100 km
  • Price pr. day DKK 300,-
  • Web: Rent a Green Car