Photo Safari

Thy offers many possibilities to get beautiful nature shots. Whether a seasoned photographer or a rookie you are sure to have some fantastic moments with your camera. As long as you remember to move about quietly the right opportunity will present itself.

If you lack inspiration you can check out the website Fotofestival, which is run by a group of enthusiastic wildlife photographers. Each year they stage a photo festival presenting talks, exhibitions and workshops where you can learn to become a better wildlife photographer.

Natura 2000

The Natura 2000 areas in Thy constitute one of the reasons why a walk here may turn into a veritable wildlife safari. In the area surrounding Lake Nors you can get lucky and catch a sighting of the mighty white-tailed eagle which has recently returned to Denmark as a breeding bird after an absence of 75 years. Also the characteristic sound of the bittern is audible at lakes and wet lands. It is almost as if someone sat hidden in the reeds blowing down the neck of a bottle. The bird itself though is very difficult to catch a glimpse of as it is so well camouflaged in the reeds.

Natura 2000 constitutes of a network of natural habitat areas all over the EU that are particularly valuable and preservable. It can be special habitats, bird sanctuaries and Ramsar-areas (internationally acclaimed wetland areas of importance specifically to waterbirds).

In Thy 3.583 km² are covered by Natura 2000 areas. Check out a map at The Nature Agency website


Photo: Søren Michelsen Krag