Gaerup grassland fjord slopes

The Gaerup slopes are part of a hilly landscape formed by the melt-water from the last ice-age. The grassy slopes give access to the Limfjord.

The area has been grazed for centuries. Large numbers of bronze-age burial mounds are evidence that the area was settled from at least 1,700 B.C. Read more

Snedsted Combined Heat and Power Plant

The combined heat and power plant in Snedsted has taken the lead when it comes to using the wind power produced in Thy. At high wind, the power produced by the wind turbines exceeds the immediate consumption, and the surplus electricity is normally sold abroad at very low prices, sometimes even at a loss. At the plant in Snedsted an electric boiler converts surplus electricity into district heating. Read more

Solar Heating

Long before solar cells achieved their current popularity, environmentally and cost conscious house owners have used sunbeams for energy. Not for electricity but for heating water. Read more

Solar Cells

At Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy all varieties of solar cells can be experienced. Since Nordic Folkecenter was established in 1982 a focal point has been the pioneering of solar cells. Read more

Small Wind Turbines

The market for Small Wind Turbines is rapidly developing in Denmark. This development is continuously advocated by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. Read more

Energy Efficient Building

At Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy it is clear to everyone, that if we are to convert to renewable energy sources we need to reduce energy consumption. On the premises of the centre you will consequently find several houses pioneering unique energy efficient building methods. Read more

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

The centre heads research and development in renewable energy technologies. In collaboration with the centre’s target audience, small and medium sized businesses, a team of engineers and biologists are continuously developing new high knowledge content environment-related products. Read more

Test Facility for Wave Power in Nissum Bredning

On the premises of Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy you will find several examples of early and more recent wave power facilities. And a short drive away from Nordic Folkecenter the Test Facility for Wave Power is situated in Nissum Bredning. The facility is owned and operated by Nordic Folkecenter. Read more

National Test Facility for Wind Turbines

The municipality of Thisted is home to Denmark’s largest test facility for large wind turbines. Here you can see the wind energy of tomorrow in the making. Read more

The European Solar Prize

In 2007 the Municipality of Thisted won the European Solar Prize for European municipality with the highest degree of renewable energy. Read more