Hanstholm Comprehensive School

As a result of a holistic approach to energy policy the municipality of Thisted in 2010 issued energy performance certificates for the comprehensive school in the town of Hanstholm along with all the other 190 public buildings in the municipality. Read more

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy, is a community-driven project that joins six villages in the region of Sydthy in an effort to save money on the energy bill. Read more

Markblomsten – A Low Emission Daycare Centre

In June 2012 children and staff moved into a new daycare centre in the village of Vestervig. The new building replaces the two previous daycare centers in Vestervig and Agger respectively. Read more

Lake Nors

Welcome to Lake Nors where you can enjoy outdoor life and the many public facilities available.

The beach in the south western corner of the lake is particularly suited for small children with its sandy bottom and clean shallow water. Here is also a campfire area. Lake Nors and the surrounding area afford plenty of opportunities for hiking, shelter camping and bird watching. Read more

Hovsør Salt Meadows

Welcome to the Hovsør salt meadows (Hovsør Røn), a good example of the Limfjord’s many salt meadows with their characteristic plants and animals. You can explore the meadow or take a walk through the prettily situated village of Hovsør, whose natural harbour earlier functioned as loading site for goods coming to and from the nearby town of Thisted who didn’t have its own harbour until 1841. Read more

Lake Ove and Sønderhå Plantation

Welcome to Lake Ove (Ovesø), one of Denmark’s longest lakes. Measuring about 8 km in length the lake covers an area of approximately 353 ha. Furthermore the lake is rather shallow, no more than 2,5 meters at its deepest.

Read more

Isbjerg by Lake Nors

Welcome to Isbjerg, one of the best places to get an impression of the Hanstholm Nature Reserve. Situated in the southeast corner of the reserve and at 56 m above sea level it is the highest point in the 65 km2 Reserve. The Hanstholm Reserve was established in 1949 and in 2008 it was included in Denmark’s first national park, Thy National Park. Read more

On-Farm Biogas Plants in Thy

In the region of Thy farmers have been producing biogas since 1988. A facility developed by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Ydby was subsequently adopted by several farmers in Thy.

Today the pioneering plants have all been replaced by new and larger facilities like the ones from Lundsby Bioenergi. By producing their own biogas, the farmers in Thy have become suppliers of sustainable energy which is in keeping with the strategy of Thisted Municipality of being the leading climate municipality in Denmark. Read more

Bedsted District Heating Plant

The district heating plant in the village of Bedsted (Bedsted Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.) is a consumer owned cooperative with the sole purpose of supplying heat to households in Bedsted. Read more

Solgården in Hundborg – A Nursing Home with Positive Energy

In 2012 a new chapter in the life of Solgården Nursing Home in Hundborg began: An entirely new building was taken into use. The new Solgården consists of 32 two bedroom apartments, offices, locker rooms, service facilities, a kitchen and a community centre “Valsen”, distributed on a total of 3.800 square meters. A few years back it became apparent that a decision concerning the future of Solgården had to be made: Either to discontinue nursing home activities or to build a new nursing home. Read more