Photo Safari

Thy offers many possibilities to get beautiful nature shots. Whether a seasoned photographer or a rookie you are sure to have some fantastic moments with your camera. As long as you remember to move about quietly the right opportunity will present itself. Read more

Green Lots in the Village of Bedsted

In 2011 a group of citizens in the village of Bedsted took the initiative to organize a town beautification group to – well beautify the village of Bedsted. Read more

Green Lots in the Village of Frøstrup

In 2009 the residents in the village of Frøstrup decided to take action in an attempt to rescue their village from a downward spiral of derelict houses and general decline. Read more

A House of Possibilities in the Village of Vestervig

The House of Possibilities is the name of a building project at Klostergade 47-51 in the village of Vestervig. Read more

Green Lots in the Village of Ydby

In recent years Thisted municipality has been facing a growing challenge: Read more

Green Lots in the Village of Hørdum

Within the last couple of years, 10 desolate houses have been removed in the village of Hørdum. Read more

Green Lots in the Village of Heltborg

The building lot at Landevejen 4 has a prominent position in the village of Heltborg, placed as it is right at the junction of the two roads Dalstræde and Landevejen. Read more

THYmøllen – A Wind Turbine Made In Thy

In 2008, when the Danish government passed a law to further the production of energy through sustainable sources, the telephone lines became busy at wind turbine salesman Leif Pinholt’s office. Read more

Sydthy Spa and Swimming Pool

Wellness and unique experiences are given top priority at the public pool centre Sydthy Spa and Swimming Pool regardless of whether you are a guest at the spa, which is reserved for adults, or whether you are visiting the swimming pool which is for everybody. Read more

Kløvermarken In Koldby – An Eco Friendly Nursing Home

In 2009 the City Council in Thisted decided on a plan for senior citizen housing designed to centralise smaller units in order to reduce operating costs. The plan resulted in the building of 32 senior citizen apartments in connection to the existing Kløvermarken Nursing Home in Koldby built in 1982. Read more