Sending Out a Stamp of Approval

Local organization for industry, Thy Erhvervsråd,  gives stamp to members to prove that their goods are produced in a CO2 neutral municipality.

Manager of Thy Erhvervsråd, Flemming Toftdahl-Olesen, explains that it was a unanimous decision to send out a stamp with the words: “Manufactured in a CO2 neutral municipality; www.climate.thisted .dk” to all members exporting from the municipality.

It might be a slight exaggeration to claim CO2 neutrality, but Flemming Toftdahl-Olesen believes that the simplicity of the message carries its own weight.

Town Meeting in Thisted

The citizens of Thisted Municipality met on the of September to discuss the local energy planning.

40 locals used their spare time to go to a town meeting on future energy planning. Here they heard the mayor of Thisted, Erik Hove Olsen, present the new climate film made by the municipality and he also introduced some of the political points of debate.

The main event of the evening was a brain storming work shop where everybody could make their concerns heard and give their contribution to future solutions. In four different groups the participants worked on different subjects. At the end of the day they put forward three points of particular interest for each group.

The municipality of Thisted is planning district heating in a large scale throughout the municipality and a lot of the solutions that were heard this evening took into consideration those citizens who live too isolated for district heating. Heat pumps, ground heating, biomass and biogas were discussed vigorously. Everybody was focused on solutions more than problems and showed a proactive attitude to new regulations and arising circumstances.

When the meeting was over several of the participants joined up for future work groups and almost 100 new ideas which were cooked up this evening will be stored in an idea bank for the municipality.

Now the municipality can use these ideas to construct an energy plan for the future.

World Premiere for Climate Film

50 invited guests experienced the exclusive world premiere for the climate film made by the municipality of Thisted presented by Mayor Erik Hove Olsen.

On this pleasant afternoon the story of the amazing development of clean renewable energy was told through film and presentation.

The film shows that clean energy and clean nature go hand in hand in Thisted, and features breathtaking vistas from Thy National Park – The first national park in Denmark and a point of pride in Thisted.

The story took its beginning in the early eighties when local citizens raised the first wind mills. This development was facilitated through local enthusiasm and research centers like the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. The progress came through like a quiet revolution with the construction of more mills, a power plant based on waste incineration, the usage of geothermic heat, straw bale incineration, wood chip based district heating and biogas facilities.

The municipality of Thisted might be the only place in the world where more than a 100 % of the electrical production and 85 % of the produced district heating comes from renewable sources. The movie shows how this energy comes directly from nature and the back yards of the citizens.

When the film and presentation was over the municipality was host to a little snack with sandwiches and organic beer and juice from Thisted Bryghus, the local brewery.

The message of the film is clear. We’ve come a long way in Thisted, but we want to reach even further.

Go on an educational journey

Come to Thisted Municipality. Find out for yourself what measures we have taken and are taking to make the municipality the cleanest in Denmark.

Just contact us and we will organise anything from a half-day to a whole-day visit – or possibly one that lasts several days.

Combine a visit with a wonderful trip to Denmark’s first national park.

The Thisted Model

The Thisted Model:

Denmark’s cleanest municipality

Skater and district heating

Thisted Municipality is drawing up a new, ambitious energy plan. Its vision: Thisted as a completely CO2-neutral municipality. This will be under the motto “We are and intend to remain Denmark’s cleanest municipality.” Read more

Thisted – a model municipality

Thisted Municipality is a copybook example of local drive and initiative. That’s why it is also the cleanest municipality in Denmark.

Over 100 per cent of power consumption and more than 80 per cent of heat consumption is catered for without the use of fossil fuels.

The renewable energy comes from sun, wind, geothermal power and biomass. So success is the result of versatility and an intelligent use of already existing technologies.

In 2007, Thisted Municipality was awarded the European Solar Prize for its work on utilising renewable energy.

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