Næstrup – Rare Quaking Bogs

Welcome to Næstrup,

The quaking bogs at Næstrup Wood are a rare type of habitat, and local efforts are managing to maintain them.

Quaking bogs are a type of raised bog. There are 3 quaking bogs in the woods. The northern and southern bogs are each about 0.5 ha, while the little bog in the west of the wood is only 700 m².

Raised bogs which once were common are a severely threatened habitat, in danger of disappearing not only in Denmark but throughout Europe.

Næstrup Wood was planted in 1899. Prior to this, the area was heathland with scattered nutrient-poor lakes. Over a period of hundreds of years the peat mosses have formed an almost continuous cover over these remaining lakes. Other plant species have gradually established themselves, so that the layer now can bear a person’s weight, and one literally walks over the water, a “quaking” experience.

It was here that Thisted’s famous poet and botanist, J.P. Jacobsen carried out studies of microscopic fresh water algae in the 1870’s.

Three characteristic plants from this nutrient-poor environment are Cowberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos), Peat moss (Sphagnum spp.) and the carnivorous Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia).

The bogs at Næstrup have been threatened by over-growth with trees. Over a period of several years the local nature association BFN has worked in cooperation with Thisted Municipality and the owners to save the bogs by removing the self-sown trees.

Turf from Sphagnum bogs is a renewable resource, in the same way as wood is. But the cycle to make turf is much longer than for wood.

If you are careful and have a good pair of rubber boots, you can walk out onto the bog to look at the plants and to gather cowberries. Remember though that there is water under the surface. The “Ting” place beside the northern bog is a reminder of the mediaeval local gatherings to make common decisions and decide on punishments for offenders. In the NW end of the wood is Gallows Hill, with a good view over the surrounding landscape. The woods are a good place for gathering fungi and you can also visit the local beekeepers’ Bee school. There is a picnic board and information sign beside the car park.

  • The quaking bogs at Næstrup Wood are a rare type of habitat, and local efforts are managing to maintain them
  • Quaking bogs are a type of raised bog
  • 1,3 ha
  • Næstrup Wood lies 8 km south of Thisted. There is a car park at Hornstrupvej
  • There is a picnic table and information sign at the car park.