Municipal institutions have almost halved the oil usage in two years

There are many results: Solar cells on all the schools, new ventilation systems, oil changed with heating pumps, lighting changed and energycontrol on all municipal institutions. It is the energy-guardians Frank Odgaard and Frank Christen from the Technical Administration in Hurup, who guarantees, that Thisted Kommune is far ahead with the energy sacings – and they have full speed ahead. 5 millions. This much has the municipal each year set aside for investments in energy savings.

  • From this we create a plan for each year, so we get an overview of where it would be most profitable to invest. There is always an investment – and a saving and then we calculate the pay back period and is it below 10 years we normally start, explains Frank Christensen.

He is a mechanical engineer and has previously advised on VVS and ventilation, and has been an energy label consultant for large buildings, within the 17 years since he came to Thisted kommune.

All buildings are energy labelled Since 2009 all public schoole in Thisted Kommune has had solar cells fitted – and ten other municipal buildings, amongst other so has the swimming pool in Hurup. Boiler facilities and circulation pumps has been replaced. A series of oil fueled furnaces has been changed with heating pumps and within the last two years all buildings has been checked in regards to lighting. In the period 2009-2010 all the municipal buildings was energy labeled. That is required by law and the idea is to get an overview over the total energy consumption and find out where savings can be made..

  • Most of the energy labels are valid for 7 years, so in 2016-2017 all the buildings must be validated again, says Frank Christensen.

Drastic fall fald in oil usage The statistics show a large fall in oil usage – actually almost halved – more precisely 45% less oil has been used in the period from 2012-2014.  And now the municipal are buying oil for three million DKK less each year, than when they began the energy effort.

  • But we expect that the power consumption will drop even more the comming years, when we change everything to LED lighting. However you need to be aware that we are using more and more things that require a computer (computers, smartboards and info screens etc.), so we have a purpose of saving electricity even if there are more and more things that is consuming electricity, says Frank Christensen.

Another example is, that there is always a place to make an effort, the libraries should e.g. have longer opening hours.

  • That would give a larger usage, but then we decided to renovate the lighting in Hurup and Hanstholm departments, and in spite of the longer opening hours, the total electricity consumption has dropped with 50%, says Frank Christensen.

Also the school reform affects the electrical usage, because now the schools are open longer, so there is always a place to make an effort to create new savings.

Energy control in 200 buildings At the same time with the energy labelling and all the energy actions Thisted Kommune has create energy control on all the 200 municipal buildings. That is Frank Odgaard, who is heading the monitoring of the 300.000 M2, which has meant the installation of measuring devices and electronical monitoring system at all the locations.

  • In this way we can always keen an eye on the usage, and we can see if there are errors in the buildings. The janitors can also contact me straight away if there are fluctuations, says Frank Odgaard.

He is a building engineer and has been chief of production for 25 years in different production businesses, before he, seven years ago was hired in the energy label and energy control department in Thisted Kommune. He is experiencing a large interest for the energy work in the municipal institutions.

  • The janitors are really doing a large effort, it is them, who has the overview in the daily work. They are our front line men and women and they notify me if they experience irregularities, this way we can look into it straight away, says Frank Odgaard.