Kløvermarken In Koldby – An Eco Friendly Nursing Home

In 2009 the City Council in Thisted decided on a plan for senior citizen housing designed to centralise smaller units in order to reduce operating costs. The plan resulted in the building of 32 senior citizen apartments in connection to the existing Kløvermarken Nursing Home in Koldby built in 1982.

Områdecenter Kløvermarken
Solsikkevej 43, Koldby
7752 Snedsted
Phone: +45 99 17 45 00

  • Guided tours: By appointment
  • Open: By appointment
  • Booking: Please contact Kløvermarken’s office for information. Email: rian@thisted.dk
  • Participants: By appointment
  • Admittance fee: Free
  • Parking: At Kløvervej
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Language: Danish.


with a total of 2792 m2, were ready for occupation on July 1st 2012. The plan also stated, that all new buildings should comply with the standards for low emission building in keeping with the green energy policy of Thisted Municipality. The energy policy states that from 2010 all new public buildings outside of district heating areas must comply with the energy efficiency label 2020, which is an official energy code described by the Danish Business and Building Authority.

Energy Saving Measures

kolby_kløvermarken_2013-0411-23 Kløvermarken senior citizen apartments in Koldby are a perfect example of how architecture and low emission building go hand in hand in Thisted Municipality. Sustainability, functionality and architecture form a synthesis when all the particular conditions that apply to low emission building concerning for example building materials and the shape of the building are taken into consideration from the outset.

Building Shape and Orientation

The compact shape of the two storey building results in a reduced surface area from which to emit energy, which is in keeping with modern energy standards. The energy frame of the complete building is 15 + 500 m2 of heated living area per year. The energy frame comprises the need for provided energy in total with regard to heating, ventilation, cooling, hot running water and lighting. Provided energy refers to the energy supply which is purchased in the form of for example oil, natural gas, district heating / cooling and electricity. The numbers are stated in the energy efficiency label 2020 formulated by the Danish Business and Building Authority. According to the energy efficiency label 2020 all new buildings built after the year 2020 must only consume 25% of the energy that was allowed for buildings up until 2010. With an energy frame of 15 + 500 m2 the new building at Kløvermarken is in compliance with the demands of energy consumption stated in the energy efficiency label 2020. kolby_kløvermarken_2013-0411-14 The new building is orientated in such a way as to gain full advantage of the sun and inflow of light which is important for several reasons: Exposure to daylight has a positive effect on our well-being. It enhances our ability to concentrate as well as cheering us up. These are important factors when building housing for the elderly who might not venture outdoors much. Furthermore an abundance of daylight will reduce the need for artificial lighting, thus saving energy, and during the winter months even limited amounts of sunlight will contribute to the heating of the building.

Windows, Insulation and Leakage

The windows consist of three layered low emission glazing in wooden / aluminium frames that have a long life expectancy and are low on maintenance. For insulation three different types of materials were chosen. The loft was insulated with 400 mm of granulated mineral wool, while the floors have 300 mm polystyrene insulation. The cavity wall insulation is made up of 275 mm mineral wool. kolby_kløvermarken_2013-0411-9 According to the Danish green building programme, Building Directive BR10, the airflow through the building envelope in low emission building must not exceed 1.0 l/s per m2 conditioned space in a pressure test at 50 Pa. To define the building envelope leakage ratio a blower door test was performed. The blower door is a calibrated fan temporarily fitted in a doorway or window. The fan quantifies the amount of air needed to pressurize or depressurize the building to 50 Pa with reference to the outside. By measuring the amount of air needed per second to maintain a constant pressure / negative pressure, the building envelope leakage ratio is given. With a leakage ratio of 0.48 l/s per m2, the new building at Kløvermarken is well within the requirements of the Building Directive BR10 energy code for low emission building.

Ground Source Heat Pump

kolby_kløvermarken_2013-0411-17 In connection to the construction work of the new apartment complex, a 60 kW ground source heat pump facility was established to supply the building with heating and hot running water. Geothermal heating is a very environmentally friendly source of heating, significantly reducing the CO2 emission of the building. A geothermal heating facility with ground source heat pumps utilizes the passive solar energy absorbed and stored in the top layer of the earth’s crust. The facility at Kløvermarken consists of 3 km of polyethylene tubes horizontally installed in a closed loop field in trenches in the ground. A mixture of water and antifreeze flows through the tubes absorbing ground heat before being directed into a 60 kW heat pump where the heat is transferred to the room heating and hot running water.

Solar Panels

As part of the effort to maximize the building’s energy supply from sustainable energy sources, 195 m2 of solar panels are installed on the roof at the new apartment complex at Kløvermarken. The panels produce an average of approximately 33.000 kWh per year. Solar panels extract energy from sunlight and consist of diodes transforming sunlight directly into power via photoelectric effect. kolby_kløvermarken_2013-0411-4-Edit

Project Partners

The new senior citizen housing complex at Kløvermarken has been realized by a group of partners with Thisted Municipality as the client. Architect: A2 Arkitekterne, consulting engineer: ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører, contractor: Byggefirmaet Knudsgaard A/S.

Production Data


  • 32 senior citizen apartments, 2792 m2, ready for occupation in July 2012
  • Built according to the 2020 energy code requirements for low emission building
  • Solar panels: 195 m2, 36 kWp, approximated output per year: 33.000 kWh
  • Ground source heat pump: 60 kW, 3 km of polyethylene tubes
  • Insulation: Floors: 300 mm polystyrene. Cavity walls: 275 mm mineral wool. Loft: 400 mm granulated mineral wool
  • Envelope leakage ratio in pressure testing: 0.48 l/s per m2 conditioned space.