Green heat in Hanstholm

September 19 Hanstholm Varmeværk A.m.b.a initiated their new wood chip facility, that replaces the use of bio oil. Now the heat is primarily being producted by wood chips, the surplus heat from Hanstholm Fiskemelsfabrik and from an electrical boiler powered by wind mills. Only during high load do they take their nature gas powered boilers and engines into use..

In Hanstholm the first central heating facility was established in 1965, and a lot has happened since. In 1994 there was established a Power plant, now both power and heating could be produced.

During the latest yeats a lot of investments has been made in a wide variety of production facilities, so that they today has a central heating facility that produces environmental friendly CO2-neutral and cheap heat with a high reliability. The facility delivers heat for Hanstholm city and Ræhr city. The power is delivered to Thy-Mors Energi.

The wood chips for the new furnace are coming from Thy, and Hanstholm Fiskemelsfabrik delivers the surplus heating for the central heating production. A very good story about local cooperation that is something that is very characteristic about Thy.

In total the project yields both a reduction of the heating facilitys costs for producing heat as well as there is an environmental benefit in the facilitys productionapparatus is being replaced with a new and cleaner technology. Projects like this has a positive influence on the total CO2 numbers in Thisted Kommune, as well as increasing the settlement in the Northers part of the Kommune. Low prices on heating and environmental proper production also means something when you need to find a new place to live.

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