’Green Scheme’ supported an excersise course in Østerild

A new outdoor excersise course has created more life in the area surrounding Østerild Multicenter There is lauging, sweating and the talk is going outside the Østerild Multicenter. Here children, youngsters, grown ups and the elderly are on it, using the outdoor excersis course, that, with the help from the “Green Scheme” and a lot of volunteering is drawing  people in, by the city sportcenter.


Both the board and inspector Torben Pedersen (l) in Østerild Multicenter has contributed to the project with a lot of volunteering. They have assembled tables, benches, dug holes, sowed grass and much more..

Østerild has become one of the cities to use the new “Gren Scheme”, that gives subsidiary for the areas, where will mills are being erected. We meet Else Guldberg, who has been responsible for applying for the money and realised the outdoor exercise course. She is one of the active senior citizens in the city and are volunteering a lot in Østerild Multicenter, where she sells candy and soda in the small cafe and is a freelance fund staff. This is also why she was the ont applying for the “Green Scheme”.

  • We can always the extra funds, so this scheme is a welcome opportunity to ger some new things realized in the city, says Else Guldberg.

Many volunteers ”Green Scheme” is funding half of a given project, and supported with 182.000 DKK out of the total of 364.000 DKK the project costed. So Else Guldberg had to apply to other funds as well and she also succeeded in raising 150.000 DKK from the Construction Fund, then there was a self-financing of 32.000 DKK from Østerild Multicenter.

  • The most unbelievable is, that there is a lot of volunteers, who have contributed to getting this project to succeede. Both the board and the inspector Torben Pedersen in Østerild Multicenter and a lot of other volunteers has e.g. assembled tables and benches, dug holes, cut the grass and much more, she explains.

In May 2014 – after two years of fund-application and practical work – the outdoor exercise course was opened by counselman Henning Jensen, when the associations held their annual activity day.

  • It was a lovely day, and the course has really been used a lot. It has created a whole different life around the center and nex to it, the senior citizen club is enjoying a game of krolf, says Else Guldberg.

Make the best of it

Else Guldberg er pensionist og frivillig i Multicenter Østerild. Det er hende, der har søgt pengene hjem til den nye friluftsmultibane. Hun var oprindeligt imod testcenteret, fordi området ville miste natur. Men i dag prøver hun at få det bedste ud af det – blandt andet ved at søge ”Grøn Ordning”.

Else Guldberg is a senior ccitizen and volunteering in Multicenter Østerild.She is the one who has applied for the funding for the new  outdoor exercise course. Initially she was against the testcenter, because the area would loose nature. But today she tries to make the best of it – this includes applying for the “Green Scheme”.

She was actuallyu one of those, who initially would protest against the new, large National Testcenter for wind mills. Not so much because of the wild mills, but more the nature, the area would loose. But as she is saying today:

  • When its placed her, we  might as well make the best of it – one of these things is by applying for all the funding we can get..

”Green Scheme” is exactly created for giving subsidiaries to the areas where the wind mills are erected, with the purpose of giving a better understanding in the population for erecting the mills. New application Else Guldberg is therefore already in the process of applying again. She is, on the belf of Østerild Multicenter, applied for a renovation of the city tennis court, which is overgrown.

  • It need to be renovated and to become a new and reconditioned tennis court and improved with equipment, so it can be used for e.g. football-tennis and volleyball, explains Else Guldberg.

The application has been sent and approved in Thisted Kommune, and now she is waiting for the approvement from Energinet. Østerild–Hunstrup Sparekasse Foundation has in advance granted 39.600 DKK for the clean up of the old court.

With the “Green Scheme” you can get subsidiaries for:

  • Construction work, that supports landscape and recreation within the municipality
  • Cultural and informing activities in local associations etc. to increase the acceptance and utilization of renewable energy sources within the municipality
  • The application must be sent to Thisted Kommune, and it also needs approval of Energinet.dk.

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