Green Lots in the Village of Heltborg

The building lot at Landevejen 4 has a prominent position in the village of Heltborg, placed as it is right at the junction of the two roads Dalstræde and Landevejen. On entering the village from the south, this is one of the first lots that meets the eye. But the house on Landevejen 4 was no longer very presentable, let alone suitable to live in. Consequently, as part of Thisted municipality’s campaign to remove derelict buildings to create better living conditions in rural areas and villages, the house was demolished and the vacant lot offered to the residents association in Heltborg. The citizens of Heltborg are very aware of the fine qualities of their village, especially the breathtaking location overlooking the Limfjord. Thus Heltborg Residents Association gladly accepted the offer seeking the opportunity to create a pleasant green corner to the benefit of people in Heltborg and everybody passing by.

Adding Value to the Village

landevejen-4_2013-2910-5 The lot at Landevejen 4 now adds value to the village with its well kept green grass, round corners and curbstones to keep everything tidy. Also traffic conditions have improved, especially for people coming from Dalstræde out onto Landevejen having a much better view of the road than before. The laying of new street paving in Heltborg in 2013 also has given the village a facelift. The village of Heltborg is a good example of how even minor improvements can make a big difference. The villagers take pride in their village and are keen to participate in efforts that can raise the standard and improve living conditions.

Heltborg Residents Association

The residents association in Heltborg counting about 100 members, plays an active part in the life of the village, arranging everything from cinema and theatre trips to company visits and the traditional Midsummer Eve bonfire. Once a year everyone gathers for a village clean up collecting garbage making sure everything is in mint condition for the summer. The residents association also works together with the musical association in the neighbouring village of Hørdum, arranging concerts that will often take place at Heltborg Museum which is a branch of the museum in Thisted. People in Heltborg are generally very supportive of their local museum.

The Community House

As opposed to many other villages in Thy, Heltborg still has an actively functioning community house. In fact the community house celebrated its 100th anniversary on November the 6th 2013, having set the scene for all the major events in the lives of the villagers since 1913. The beginning was a bit shaky though, since the people of Heltborg couldn’t agree with the people of close by Ullerup as to where the community house should be located. Also one party was not comfortable with the idea of the house being used for dances.
Today the Gentlemen’s Club meets for supper and a game of cards once a month in the community house and the Windmill Guild holds their annual flea market there.

Heltborg and the Future

Landevejen-4_20110627_0115 No one in Heltborg is oblivious of the challenges that small villages face in the fight against depopulation and the inevitable rise in desolate and unwanted houses. But this is not accepted as an excuse to give up and do nothing. It is entirely feasible that Thisted municipality will commence other demolition projects in Heltborg creating even more green lots. People in Heltborg have fully accepted the necessity of such actions and by establishing green lots like Landevejen 4 they have seized the opportunity to turn a downward spiral around, maintaining Heltborg’s reputation as a beautiful spot on the map, which is indeed a brand worth fighting for.