Energy Certification Proves Effective

New electric installations at Rolighedsskolen, a public school in Thisted, have resulted in a more than 25 % reduction in the school’s power consumption or more than 60,000kWh. This is one of the tangible results of the issuing of energy certificates to all public buildings in Thisted Municipality.
Allan Møller fra Thisted El-forretning glæder sig over, at hans overslag over kommende energibesparelser på Rolighedsskolen var fuldstændigt korrekte. A local electrician, Thisted El-forretning, has carried out the electric installations at Rolighedsskolen. Co-owner Allan Møller explains how all the lamps in the ceiling were originally fitted with eight fluorescent tubes, each lamp consuming 320 watt. The new lamps’ wattage is a mere 28 watt a lamp. Furthermore the lamps are fitted with sensors that measure the light in the room at the exact location of each lamp. As a result not all lamps in a room give off the same amount of light giving a more evenly lighted space. All rooms are fitted with sensors that turn on the light only when someone is in the room. This has reduced power consumption considerably.

Energy Efficient Buildings

“We aim to distribute the contracts for making the public buildings energy efficient to as many local businesses as possible” says Henning Holm chairman of the Environmental and Technical Committee in Thisted city council. Thisted Municipality has issued energy certificates for 190 buildings resulting in recommendations for reduction in energy consumption amounting to 40 million Danish kroner. Implementation of those recommendations with a return of investment of less than five years will commence shortly. This means that work for two million Danish kroner will be done. “Two million may not sound like much” Henning Holm says, “but it shows how Thisted Municipality has worked continuously and diligently on making public buildings energy efficient”.

Improved Technical Installations

Those buildings that already have an energy certificate must be revised continuously and at least every seventh year to make sure the certification is up to date. Technical installations and lighting are areas where the need for restoring or replacement is most evident. The market is developing at a high pace and much can be gained by changing for example the circulation pump.

Solar Cells Reduce Energy Costs

Saving money on the electricity bill is becoming increasingly difficult since new appliances keep immerging using more and more power. As a result Thisted Municipality is now erecting solar cells at various locations. At the public school in Sennels a solar cell system worth 209,000 Danish kroner will produce around 10,000 kWh a year. Thisted Municipality estimates that solar cell systems at public buildings will have a return time of seven to ten years.

Surveillance to Prevent Power Theft

In order to prevent thieves from stealing power from the power net and to check for holes in the water pipes Thisted Municipality has installed 1050 measuring instruments at 250 places of usage. Ranging from buildings to fountains the measuring instruments give continuous updated information about usage at each installation enabling administration of the consumption. Later alarm systems will be installed in order for employees to receive immediate notification in the event of irregularities at the place of consumption.


In 2008 the Municipality of Thisted was elected Climate Municipality thereby committing to a 3 per cent reduction in CO2 emission a year. In 2010 the reduction amounted to 3.5 per cent in public buildings. The issuing of energy certificates to 190 public buildings was done in 18 months. Thisted Municipality has earmarked 5 million Danish kroner each year to energy improvements.

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