Energiscreening saved more than 200.000 DKK per year

It is dusty and noisy in the large hall – and it is smelling intensely of straw. Here on the large facility at Højgaard Halmpiller in the middle of Thy, thousands of straw-pellets are produced each day – and that consumes a lot of energy. A year ago the generator used 85.000 litres of diesel fuel each year. Today the generator has been scrapped and the company have welcomed  the green power and are saving more than 200.000 DKK each year..

Finn Gramstrup Larsen

It was only because of the energy advisors calculations that it went through with the bank, so I am very happy that i got that screening, says Finn Gramstrup Larsen, who is the owner of Højgaard Halmpiller.

The owner of Højgaard Halmpiller, Finn Gramstrup Larsen, had been to the bank to loan to scrap the generator, which used so much diesel fuel. The bank declined the loan and Finn Gramstrup Larsen had to accept to use 85.000 litres of diesel fuel in the generator each year. But at the fair last summer he, coincidentally, met energy consultant Jan Høilund Christen from Engko and heard about Thisted Kommunes offer for energy screenings. He accepted the offer, and the energy advisor calculated that with an investment of half a million DKK he could save more than 200.000 every year. At the same time Finn Gramstrup Larsen found out that he could acrually get 105.000 DKK in subsidiaries for the project.

The calculations was a yes So he took the calculations to the bank for a second meeting.

  • When they saw the calculations, and what the savings and the payback period was, then is suddenly was possible, and that was good, says Finn Gramstrup Larsen.

Specifically he had the generator dismountet and in stead there was fittet power. Siz powerfull cables connected to its own switchyard it took to deliver the power Højgaard Halmpiller needed. The investment will be paid back within 2-3 years, so he is quite happy with taking this next step.

  • It was only due to the energy advisors calculations that it went through with the bank, so I am very happy that i got this screening, says Finn Gramstrup Larsen.
Det er en meget energikrævende proces at lave halmpiller, men ved at skifte generatoren ud, der slugte en masse olie og bruge el, er produktionen blevet billigere.

It is a very energy demanding process to make straw-pellets, but by changing the generator, which used a lot of diesel fuel, to power, the production is now more cost efficient.

Mill on the way He has been farming since 1983, but because of the financial crisis, he and his son decided to try with straw-pellets. Today they have a large production and delivers pellets to the entire country. Straw-pellets is a new bedding product that is used for horses, cattle, pigs, poultry and small animals.  The thought of green actions pays off has taken hold here on the farm, which is located on one of the highest locations in Thy. The view is in clear weather from Hanstholm Fyr to the North to the lights on the windmills in Thyborøn to the South. And here the wind is often blowing from the West. So the next action with Højgaard Halmpiller is to get a local small wind turbine, and the application has already been sent to the municipality.

Have your company energy screened in cooperation with independent energy advisors, Thisted Kommune offers energy screenings for local businesses. The goal is to create 25 screenings each year from 2015-2018. The initiative is a part of Thisted Kommunes Energy- and resource policy, and in 2016 there will again be opened for a new set of screenings.