District Cooling for Shopping Centre

The J.P. Jacobsen Center, Thisted’s new shopping center opening later this year, is having an innovative approach to cooling.

The biggest usage of energy in large modern buildings is not necessarily heating as one might expect, but cooling. When the sun hits the large glass facades of modern buildings the temperature inevitably rises inside. To counter this, the building needs effective cooling which will be in place in Thisted’s new shopping centre. Through usage of a geothermic installation, the centre will pull cool temperatures from the ground water, circulate it through the building and let it out into the fjord, when the temperature reaches app. 25 degrees.

At present time district cooling is a relatively new technology in Denmark used only in a couple of places, but in the near future we might see quite a few new and bigger cooling facilities. The cooling is normally done at district heating plants where cold water for district cooling is produced through an absorption process that produces cold water from warm water. This process is ideally suited to district heating and power plants that always have a surplus of heat during summer time.

Keeping it cool (in Danish)