Denmark’s cleanest municipality

Skater and district heating

Thisted Municipality is drawing up a new, ambitious energy plan. Its vision: Thisted as a completely CO2-neutral municipality. This will be under the motto “We are and intend to remain Denmark’s cleanest municipality.”

Thisted Municipality intends to keep its status as the place in the country where most is done to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, the new energy plan must be economically sustainable and thereby also contribute to creating new jobs within the municipality.

Concrete measures include the establishing within five to seven years of a comprehensive network consisting of all plants producing district heating. This will guarantee a future heat supply that has a sustainable basis in terms of economy and the environment.

Furthermore, there will be an energy-marking of all public buildings and a new plan will be introduced for In April 2008, Thisted Municipality became one of the climate municipalities of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. This means that the municipality has pledged itself to reduce CO2 emissions by 3 per cent a year until 2025.