The Green Wave

Between September 17 and 23 Klitmøller is host to The Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup featuring 48 of the world’s top windsurfers. Sponsoring the event is Thisted Municipality and we aim to put the spotlight on sustainability, nature and green energy.
. Sustainability is not always of paramount importance when organizers also consider making a profit. In cooperation with Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup we wish to prove that a green consciousness and a positive bottom line can go hand in hand. We feel it is essential for events like this to focus on sustainability to avoid unnecessary strain on the very environment that allows us to enjoy the amazing skills of the acrobatic windsurfers.

The Green Thread

During The Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup the Municipality of Thisted is represented in Klitmøller to talk about sustainability and The Green Thread. Public supply of energy in Thisted Municipality comes almost entirely from renewable energy sources making us the leading climate municipality in Denmark. National Park Thy, with its breathtaking nature and wildlife, is a must while visiting Thy. Guiding you through all the must see points of nature and renewable energy is our free smartphone app for IOS and Android. The app will guide you in and around Klitmøller during the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. You can also use the app driving around Thy in one of the EV Green Cars available for rent at only 300 DKK a day.

Surfing on your smart phone

The Green Thread App has been updated for the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup. The update includes a new game available by answering questions in the quizzes. We would like you to download the whole app but if you are impatient to surf the virtual waves you can get our surfer game “Win’ Surfer” for Android and IOS.

Nature Preservation

The Green Thread is also about nature preservation. During Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup you can experience how we in Thisted Municipality go about nature preservation guided by one of our accomplished nature guides.
18-09-2012 at 10:30 am
Help the coast and the seabirds. Join us in targeting garbage along the coast and help clean the beach line at Klitmøller. Who collects the largest pile of garbage?
Meeting point: The parking lot at the end of Trøjborgvej, Klitmøller, 7700 Thisted.

20-09-2012 at 10:30 am
Raid the dune heathland, it needs it! Go crazy with a saw, a pair of lopping shears and your bare hands: Help the North Atlantic dune heath against the threat from mountain pine and other invasive species. And learn about the nature surrounding Klitmøller.
Meeting point: The junction between Vangsåvej and Trøjborgvej, Klitmøller, 7700 Thisted. Parking at the parking lot at Vangsåvej.