Photo Safari

Thy offers many possibilities to get beautiful nature shots. Whether a seasoned photographer or a rookie you are sure to have some fantastic moments with your camera. As long as you remember to move about quietly the right opportunity will present itself. Read more

Lake Nors

Welcome to Lake Nors where you can enjoy outdoor life and the many public facilities available.

The beach in the south western corner of the lake is particularly suited for small children with its sandy bottom and clean shallow water. Here is also a campfire area. Lake Nors and the surrounding area afford plenty of opportunities for hiking, shelter camping and bird watching. Read more

Hovsør Salt Meadows

Welcome to the Hovsør salt meadows (Hovsør Røn), a good example of the Limfjord’s many salt meadows with their characteristic plants and animals. You can explore the meadow or take a walk through the prettily situated village of Hovsør, whose natural harbour earlier functioned as loading site for goods coming to and from the nearby town of Thisted who didn’t have its own harbour until 1841. Read more

Lake Ove and Sønderhå Plantation

Welcome to Lake Ove (Ovesø), one of Denmark’s longest lakes. Measuring about 8 km in length the lake covers an area of approximately 353 ha. Furthermore the lake is rather shallow, no more than 2,5 meters at its deepest.

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Isbjerg by Lake Nors

Welcome to Isbjerg, one of the best places to get an impression of the Hanstholm Nature Reserve. Situated in the southeast corner of the reserve and at 56 m above sea level it is the highest point in the 65 km2 Reserve. The Hanstholm Reserve was established in 1949 and in 2008 it was included in Denmark’s first national park, Thy National Park. Read more


Welcome to Brunbjerg, the brown mountain.

On a clear day there is from here an impressive view over the whole of the northern part of Thy National Park, with dune plantations, dune heaths and the North Sea coastline. You are standing 45m over sea level on the south side of the Hanstholm headland. High levels of chalk in the soil result in a specialised flora. From this vantage point you can see red deer, or choose to explore the remnants of a World War II anti-aircraft battery. Read more

Ydby Heath – Bronze-Age Graveyard

Welcome to the bronze-age graveyard at Ydby Heath.

Ydby Heath is part of a 2 km² protected area in the southernmost end of Thisted Municipality. The habitat is dry heath, which covers approximately 30 ha. There are 32 barrows (burial mounds) on the heath, but several more in the surrounding woods. It is one of Denmark’s largest collections of burial mounds, and a national treasure that is well worth a visit.

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Østerild Plantation – stop the drifting sand

Welcome to Østerild Plantation with a variety of habitat types and a wide range of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.

There are coniferous and deciduous woodlands with open stretches of meadows, heaths, lakes and marshes. The main tree species are Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis), Silver Fir (Abies alba) and Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Read more

Viking Burial Ground at Højstrup Heath

Welcome to the the Viking burial ground at Højstrup Heath, a collection of low mounds and standing stones from 800-1050 AD. There are more than 20 small mounds, som round and som oblong. Between them are 75 standing stones. Two of the sets of stones are arranged in the form of ships. Read more

Næstrup – Rare Quaking Bogs

Welcome to Næstrup,

The quaking bogs at Næstrup Wood are a rare type of habitat, and local efforts are managing to maintain them.

Quaking bogs are a type of raised bog. There are 3 quaking bogs in the woods. The northern and southern bogs are each about 0.5 ha, while the little bog in the west of the wood is only 700 m².
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