Opening party for Energy point Frøstrup – Initiation

Come and see the new Energy Point Frøstrup – the new demonstration house for energy solutions, Storkevej 11, Frøstrup – Saturday february 21st  – Initiation.

  • 12:30 PM – Energy Point Frøstrup is opening to the public
  • 1:30 PM – Official Iniation by Mayor Lene Kjelgaard Jensen and Chairman of Hannik – Inga Sand Sørensen.
  • 2:00 PM – Everyone gathers in the great hall of Frøstrup Gamle Kro.  There will be a light meal.
  • 2:30 PM – The board of Hannik will tell about the project
  • 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM – Open house: the first floor and Energy Point Frøstrup can be inspected. Get inspiration for your next energy plant using heat pumps, pellet furnace and sun collector for heating water. There will be National premiere on a new type of wind turbine with energy storage for private housing. Try an electrical car, listen to lectures about energy renovation and insulation. See Bjerget Efterskole display energy experiments.


World class Thy

Vestas has on the national test center in Østerild for large wind turbines, with their V164 – 8MW mill in one day  6-7 October 2014 set a world record in the production of power from a turbine.

Production was no less than 192MW in just 24 hours of the turbine. The productions rowed power to Thisted city.

V164 Installed at Østerild, Denmark (prototype)


THYmøllen – A Wind Turbine Made In Thy

In 2008, when the Danish government passed a law to further the production of energy through sustainable sources, the telephone lines became busy at wind turbine salesman Leif Pinholt’s office. Read more

Hanstholm Comprehensive School

As a result of a holistic approach to energy policy the municipality of Thisted in 2010 issued energy performance certificates for the comprehensive school in the town of Hanstholm along with all the other 190 public buildings in the municipality. Read more

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy, is a community-driven project that joins six villages in the region of Sydthy in an effort to save money on the energy bill. Read more

Vorupør Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.a. – Vorupør Combined Heat and Power Plant

Vorupør CHP plant is a small decentralized power plant producing heat and energy to supply the village of Vorupør on the west coast of Thy. In Danish this type of CHP plant is termed “open field plants” because they are usually placed on an open field close to the often small community they supply. The idea of a CHP plant in Vorupør was fostered by a group of citizens who were looking for a low cost, reliable and environmentally friendly heating supply. Read more

Hanstholm District Heating Plant And Hanstholm Combined Heat And Power Plant

Hanstholm DHP and Hanstholm CHP exemplify plants that over the years have grown into a large corporation offering heat and power production from many different energy sources. Hanstholm DHP was founded in 1965 and was located in the building at Molevej 13 that had been built during World War II as a mess building for German soldiers stationed in Hanstholm. Read more

National Testing Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild

At the National Testing Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild Dune Plantation visitors can experience a unique glance into the future of wind turbine technology. Read more

Small Wind Turbines

The market for Small Wind Turbines is rapidly developing in Denmark. This development is continuously advocated by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. Read more

National Test Facility for Wind Turbines

The municipality of Thisted is home to Denmark’s largest test facility for large wind turbines. Here you can see the wind energy of tomorrow in the making. Read more