Sydthy Spa and Swimming Pool

Wellness and unique experiences are given top priority at the public pool centre Sydthy Spa and Swimming Pool regardless of whether you are a guest at the spa, which is reserved for adults, or whether you are visiting the swimming pool which is for everybody. Read more

Hanstholm Comprehensive School

As a result of a holistic approach to energy policy the municipality of Thisted in 2010 issued energy performance certificates for the comprehensive school in the town of Hanstholm along with all the other 190 public buildings in the municipality. Read more

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy

Energiliv Sydthy, Rural Energy in the Region of Sydthy, is a community-driven project that joins six villages in the region of Sydthy in an effort to save money on the energy bill. Read more

Markblomsten – A Low Emission Daycare Centre

In June 2012 children and staff moved into a new daycare centre in the village of Vestervig. The new building replaces the two previous daycare centers in Vestervig and Agger respectively. Read more

Bedsted District Heating Plant

The district heating plant in the village of Bedsted (Bedsted Fjernvarme A.m.b.a.) is a consumer owned cooperative with the sole purpose of supplying heat to households in Bedsted. Read more

Vesløs Varmeværk A.m.b.a., Vesløs District Heating

Vesløs District Heating Plant is a 100 % CO2 neutral wood briquette fired plant founded in 1994 with the one purpose of producing heat for the village of Vesløs. Producing 4 million kWh per year Vesløs District Heating now supplies 130 households with hot water. Connection to the grid within the supply area is not mandatory. Read more

Østerild Fjernvarme A.mb.a., Østerild District Heating

The district heating plant in the village of Østerild was built in 1991 as a fully automated and 100 % CO2 neutral wood chip fired plant. In 1996 the plant was rebuilt in order to also accommodate dry solid fuel like wood briquettes. Read more

Klitmøller Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.a., Klitmøller Combined Heat and Power Plant

Klitmøller CHP is a co-operative society founded by the villagers of Klitmøller in 1994. The purpose of the company is to supply district heating to houses within the distribution area of the plant. Read more

Vorupør Kraftvarmeværk A.m.b.a. – Vorupør Combined Heat and Power Plant

Vorupør CHP plant is a small decentralized power plant producing heat and energy to supply the village of Vorupør on the west coast of Thy. In Danish this type of CHP plant is termed “open field plants” because they are usually placed on an open field close to the often small community they supply. The idea of a CHP plant in Vorupør was fostered by a group of citizens who were looking for a low cost, reliable and environmentally friendly heating supply. Read more

Vestervig Fjernvarmeværk, Vestervig District Heating Plant

The district heating plant in the village of Vestervig was established in 1964. Today Vestervig District Heating Plant supplies 536 consumers in Vestervig and the neighbouring villages of Krik and Agger with district heating. In 1964 the district heating plant in Vestervig relied solely on oil, but in 1986 a decision was made to use wood chips instead. Read more