Map that pinpoints various climate friendley instalations in Thisted Municipality, click here for bigger map and more details. Read more

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The Thisted Movie

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Thisted Climate Film

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International visit on wave energy

Mayor  Lene Kjelgaard Jensen says:

”Last Thursday I recieved, as president of the DanWEC fund, and together with consultant Andy Jensen, the delegates from Region Nordjyllands collaborators in Asturien, northern Spain. It was a small delegation, with the director of The Ener-gycell at University of Oviedo at its head. Read more

Thisted exploits green funds

Thisted Municipality has received a total sum of DKK 750,000 from the Government’s Green Scheme – also called the Windmill Pool – which aim is to support initiatives in renewable energy. Read more

Professionals and students are offered brand new higher education

A brand new higher education as Energytechnologists is now offered by Business Academy Thisted. The education is aimed at both professionals and student, who wish to learn about advising and calculation in energy-related topics. Read more

Thisted Municipality is co-founder of a new fund for wave energy plant

The fund will help to ensure that Hanstholm Harbour is an incubator and center for development and testing of wave energy plant in Denmark. Read more

Thisted and Mors: Danish Reference Areas at COP15

Thisted and Mors are the only two Danish Municipalities represented individually at COP15. Together with Climate Solutions Thy & Mors they are demonstrating the local solutions. Read more

Thisted is going all in at COP15

Copenhagen Climate Exhange, COP15 and Bright Green Expo are all receiving Thisted when UN’s Climate Summit is making waves in Copenhagen the 3rd to the 18th of December. Read more

Thisted at Regional Climate Summit

Lise Degn from the municipality of Thisted gave a speech about how Thisted has achieved the status as Denmark’s leading climate municipality together with CLIMATE SOLUTIONS Thy & Mors. Read more